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Tailscale VPN

Tailscale can be used to access PiKVM on the internal network. This is a convenient and free (for private use) tool for organizing a small VPN network. This document is provided as an example for accessing your pikvm over the inet but you can also use zerotier or Basic support like whats shown below is provided as an example, any other setting or functionality needs to be redirected to the appropriate community.


On the PiKVM side

  1. Use these commands:

    # rw
    # pacman -Syu tailscale-pikvm
    # systemctl enable --now tailscaled
    # tailscale up
  2. Follow the link to authorize this installation.

  3. After success, perform soft reboot using reboot command to make sure that everything will work correctly.

  4. Perform command ip addr show tailscale0 to view the Tailscale IP address.

For each device you wish to access pikvm

  • Download and install tailscale for your OS to the system you are using, not to the system you want to control.
  • Check the admin page to view your VPN network.
  • Follow the URL in the web browser: https://<tailscale_kvm_ip> and you will see PiKVM web interface.
  • BASIC troubleshooting in case this fails in some way: Uninstall tailscale, remove these dirs /var/lib/tailscale /var/cache/tailscale and reinstall
# pacman -Rscnd tailscale
# rm -rf /var/lib/tailscale /var/cache/tailscale
# reboot
  • Follow the above instructions to reinstall